Top Tips for Expats living in Cordes Sur Ciel

Submitted by local EXPATS


* What surprised us is how many of the problems expats have encounter are so similar and could have been avoided by talking to other expats. For the love of God communicate people :)
* When getting any building work done, get several devis (quotes) from different builders. There are many to choose from. Some good, some bad, some expensive some very good value. Talk to the other expats who've done it already, you'll save so much time and money.
* When buying building material or shopping for food remember that Albi and Gaillac are only 20 minutes away for your weekly shop. It is of course important to support the local shops and the market, but you'll be surprised at the price differences for the same items.
* Wednesday and the Weekends are HUNTING DAYS. Do not be suprised to see hunters wandering around with guns. For them to come onto your land they should have made an arrangment with you.
* There are three bakeries. Moulin on the the square is excellent for cakes etc, a lot of people think the one further down the hill towards La Cabanne is a little better for bread, at least give it a try.

* Commonly written incorrectly as: cordes en ciel, cordes du ciel, cordes sur le ciel, ciel sur cordes, cordes ciel, corde sur ciel, corde en ciel etc
* If you rely on wood for heating, don't get it at the last minute. Order it during the summer.


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